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About Kaluah Ridge Farm & Cattery

Kaluah Ridge Farm & Cattery is nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In 2014, we made our first trip to the area and fell in love with the peacefulness and beautiful scenery of this area. Five years later, we've made the move to the area, built a home, and started establishing our small farm and cattery.


We specialize in breeding Savannah and Egyptian Mau cats.  Currently we are breading F4 thru F6 Stud Book Traditional (SBT) Savannah cats, along with the beautiful Egyptian Maus.  Our first litter arrived in January of 2020 and we continue to have amazing kittens throughout the years. 

Keep visiting our website for updates about our new arrived kittens and to watch our farm and cattery grow! 



Caroline Hubble 

828-349-1514 (h) or
206-794-0305 (cell)
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