Meet Kuddles' litter of five F4 Stud Book Traditional (SBT) kittens, born April 18, 2020. Mom is taking such good care of them and they are sure to be as stunning as her. They are all growing by leaps and bounds ... so playful and full of curiosity!


What a stunning, soft silver Savannah Cottontail is! She has grown into such a sweet kitten who is very playful but also loves a good snuggle.  She is sure to be the perfect new companion for Yifan.

Top pictures taken July 16.

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.16.20a

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.16.20c

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.16.20b

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.2.2020a

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.2.2020d

Cottontail - Female Silver 7.2.2020b

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.20.20b.jpg.

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.20.20a

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.20.20c

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.20.20d

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.5.20a

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.5.20b

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.5.20d

Cottontail - Female Silver 6.5.20c

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.24.20b

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.24.20d

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.24.20c

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.24.20a

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.16.20b

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.16.20c

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.16.20e

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.16.20f

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.6.20a.jpg

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.6.20b.jpg

Cottontail - Female Silver 5.6.20c


Abu is a darker, shiny sliver Savannah with great spots and an oh so sweet face.  She is so full of energy - loves playing and is always excited to join in the fun!  She is going home with Raja (F5 snow from Kalada) to be part of Teresa's family from Mississippi.

Top pictures taken July 16.

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.16.20a

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.16.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.16.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.2.2020a

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.2.2020d

Mopsy - Female Silver 7.2.2020c

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.20.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.20.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.20.20a

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.20.20d

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.5.20a

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.5.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.5.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 6.5.20d

Mopsy - Silver Female 5.28.20a

Mopsy - Silver Female 5.28.20b

Mopsy - Silver Female 5.28.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.24.20d

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.24.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.24.20a

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.24.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.16.20d

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.16.20e

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.16.20a

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.16.20f

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.16.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.6.20c

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.6.20b

Mopsy - Female Silver 5.6.20d


What a cutie Akira (Flopsy) already is!  This brown-spotted Savannay girl is already showing she is ready to explore.  She is set to go to her forever home with Natalie and Jack in Asheville, NC.

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.20.20c

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.20.20d

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.20.20b

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.20.20a

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.5.20a

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.5.20b

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.5.20d

Flopsy - Female SBT 6.5.20c

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.24.20b

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.24.20a

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.24.20c

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.24.20d

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.16.20e

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.16.20a

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.16.20c

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.16.20f

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.16.20d

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.6.20b

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.620a

Flopsy - Female SBT 5.6.20d


As cute as a button! Lucious or Luci for short (Simkin) is a silver Savannah that is sure to have the markings of his mother. We are excited to see him head to his forever home with Natalie and Jack in Asheville, NC.

Simkin - Male Silver 6.20.20d

Simkin - Male Silver 6.20.20a

Simkin - Male Silver 6.20.20c

Simkin - Male Silver 6.20.20b

Simkin - Male Silver 6.5.20c

Simkin - Male Silver 6.5.20a

Simkin - Male Silver 6.5.20b

Simkin - Male Silver 6.5.20d

Simkin - Male Silver 5.24.20a

Simkin - Male Silver 5.24.20c

Simkin - Male Silver 5.24.20b

Simkin - Male Silver 5.24.20d

Simkin - Male Silver 5.16.20a

SImkin - Male Silver 5.16.20f

Simkin - Male Silver 5.16.20c

Simkin - Male Silver 5.16.20b

Simkin - Male Silver 5.16.20d

Simkin - Male Silver 5.6.20c

Simkin - Male Silver 5.6.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 6.20.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 6.20.20d

Mittens - Male SBT 6.20.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 6.20.20c

Mittens - Male SBT 6.5.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 6.5.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 6.5.20c

Mittens - Male SBT 6.5.20d

Mittens - Male SBT 5.24.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 5.24.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 5.24.20c

Mittens - Male SBT 5.24.20d

Mittens - Male SBT 5.16.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 5.16.20c

Mittens - Male SBT 5.16.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 5.14.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 5.14.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 5.14.20c

Mittens - Male SBT 5.6.20b

Mittens - Male SBT 5.6.20a

Mittens - Male SBT 5.6.20c


Pharaoh (Mittens) - what a sunning coat he has with great spots throughout! He is sure to grow into an amazing male, brown-spotted Savannah and a great companion. He is going to his forever home with Vince and Shelia in West Virginia.

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