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Meet Kit Kat's May crew of eight Savannah F6 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens!  Each of them has a unique look and personality - mom has her paws full but is loving every minute with them!


What a sweet girl she is ...with darker coloring she is sure to be stunning.  Exciting to see her grow and join a family as a wonderful companion. 

Vail 3.2024a
Vail 3.2024b
Vail 2.2024b
Vail 2.2024a
Vail 2.2024c
Vail 2.2024d
Vail 1.2024e
Vail 1.2024a
Vail 1.2024c
Vail 1.2024b
Vail 1.2024d
Vail 11.19.2023c
Vail 11.19.2023b
Vail 11.19.2023a
Vail 10.2023a
Vail 10.2023c
Vail 10.2023b
Vail 9.12.2023a
Vail 9.12.2023b
Vail 9.12.2023c
Vail 8.20.2023e
Vail 8.20.2023b
Vail 8.20.2023d
Vail 8.20.2023c
Vail 8.20.2023a
Vail 7.23.2023d
Vail 7.23.2023a
Vail 7.23.2023b
Vail 7.23.2023c
Vail 7.12.2023a
Vail 7.12.2023c
Vail 7.12.2023b
Vail 6.17.2023b
Vail 6.17.2023d
Vail 6.17.2023c
Vail 6.17.2023a
Vail 6.2.2023c
Vail 6.3.2023a
Vail 6.3.2023b


One of the sweeter ones in the bunch, she is also a little quieter but still a great Savannah.  With her great face markings and sweet personality, she is sure to steal your heart.

Sophia 3.2024a
Sophia 3.2024b
Sophia 2.2024b
Sophia 2.2024d
Sophia 2.2024c
Sophia 2.2024a
Sophia 1.2024e
Sophia 1.2024b
Sophia 1.2024c
Sophia 1.2024d
Sophia 1.2024a
Sophia 11.19.2023a
Sophia 11.19.2023c
Sophia 11.19.2023b
Sophia 10.2023b
Sophia 10.2023c
Sophia 10.2023a
Sophia 9.12.2023b
Sophia 9.12.2023a
Sophia 9.12.2023c
Sophia 8.20.2023e
Sophia 8.20.2023c
Sophia 8.20.2023b
Sophia 8.20.2023a
Sophia 8.20.2023d
Sophia 7.23.2023c
Sophia 7.23.2023b
Sophia 7.23.2023a
Sophia 7.23.2023d
Sophia 7.12.2023a
Sophia 7.12.2023c
Sophia 7.12.2023b
Sophia 6.17.2023b
Sophia 6.17.2023d
Sophia 6.17.2023a
Sophia 6.17.2023c
Sophia 6.3.2023b
Sophia 6.3.2023c
Sophia 6.3.2023a

Rio - Reserved

Another stunning one, he has more of a golden coat with great markings.  With a outgoing personality, he will be a great addition to Art & Sara family in Virginia.

Rio 11.19.2023c
Rio 11.19.2023a
Rio 11.19.2023b
Rio 10.2023a
Rio 10.2023b
Rio 10.2023c
Rio 9.12.2023a
Rio 9.12.2023c
Rio 9.12.2023b
Rio 8.20.2023b
Rio 8.20.2023e
Rio 8.20.2023d
Rio 8.20.2023c
Rio 8.20.2023a
Rio 7.23.2023d
Rio 7.23.2023b
Rio 7.23.2023c
Rio 7.23.2023a
Rio 7.12.2023b
Rio 7.12.2023c
Rio 7.12.2023a
Rio 6.17.2023a
Rio 6.17.2023c
Rio 6.17.2023b
Rio 6.17.2023d
Rio 6.3.2023c
Rio 6.3.2023b
Rio 6.3.2023a

Cleopatra (previously Olympia)- Reserved

Talking up a storm already and exploring, she is sure to be a beautiful one.  She is heading home with  Apopka to join Mandy and Shari's crew in South Carolina. 

Olympia 9.12.2023a
Olympia 9.12.2023c
Olympia 9.12.2023b
Olympia 8.20.2023b
Olympia 8.20.2023e
Olympia 8.20.2023a
Olympia 8.20.2023c
Olympia 8.20.2023d
Olympia 7.23.2023b
Olympia 7.23.2023a
Olympia 7.23.2023c
Olympia 7.23.2023d
Olympia 7.12.2023c
Olympia 7.12.2023a
Olympia 7.12.2023b
Olympia 6.17.2023c
Olympia 6.17.2023a
Olympia 6.17.2023d
Olympia 6.17.2023b
Olympia 6.3.2023a
Olympia 6.3.2023b
Olympia 6.3.2023c

Sedona - Reserved

He is sure to grow into a stunning one!  He has a great face and markings along with a curious personality. He is going to make an amazing companion for Jackie in VA.

Sedona 8.20.2023e
Sedona 8.20.2023b
Sedona 8.20.2023a
Sedona 8.20.2023d
Sedona 8.20.2023c
Sedona 7.23.2023c
Sedona 7.23.2023d
Sedona 7.23.2023b
Sedona 7.23.2023a
Sedona 7.12.2023c
Sedona 7.12.2023a
Sedona 7.12.2023b
Sedona 6.17.2023a
Sedona 6.17.2023b
Sedona 6.17.2023c
Sedona 6.17.2023d
Sedona 6.3.2023b
Sedona 6.3.2023a
Sedona 6.3.2023c

Aurora - Reserved

On the move from the beginning, she loves to be in the mix of it all.  She is sure to be a great Savannah and a wonderful companion for Kaitlyn in N.C.

Aurora 10.2023a
Aurora 10.2023c
Aurora 10.2023b
Aurora 9.12.2023a
Aurora 9.12.2023b
Aurora 9.12.2023c
Aurora 8.20.2023e
Aurora 8.20.2023a
Aurora 8.20.2023d
Aurora 8.20.2023c
Aurora 8.20.2023b
Aurora 7.23.2023b
Aurora 7.23.2023d
Aurora 7.23.2023c
Aurora 7.23.2023a
Aurora 7.12.2023b
Aurora 7.12.2023c
Aurora 7.12.2023a
Aurora 6.17.2023d
Aurora 6.17.2023a
Aurora 6.17.2023c
Aurora 6.17.2023b
Aurora 6.3.2023b
Aurora 6.3.2023a
Aurora 6.3.2023c

Apopka - Reserved

Already stunning with a dark coat and pronounced dark markings, she is sure be a amazing addition to Mandy and Shari's crew in South Carolina 

Apopka 9.12.2023c
Apopka 9.12.2023a
Apopka 9.12.2023b
Apopka 8.20.2023b
Apopka 8.20.2023a
Apopka 8.20.2023d
Apopka 8.20.2023c
Apopka 7.23.2023a
Apopka 7.23.2023b
Apopka 7.23.2023d
Apopka 7.23.2023c
Apopka 7.12.2023c
Apopka 7.12.2023a
Apopka 7.12.2023b
Apopka 6.17.2023b
Apopka 6.17.2023a
Apopka 6.17.2023d
Apopka 6.17.2023c
Apopka 6.3.2023c
Apopka 6.3.2023a
Apopka 6.3.2023b

Khaleesi (formerly Augusta) - Reserved

Another talker in the group, she loves to be in the middle of things and, along with her great markings, is sure to be a great companion for Angela and Brandon in NC.

Augusta 7.12.2023c
Augusta 7.12.2023b
Augusta 7.12.2023a
Augusta 6.17.2023a
Augusta 6.17.2023d
Augusta 6.17.2023b
Augusta 6.17.2023c
Augusta 6.3.2023a
Augusta 6.3.2023b
Augusta 6.3.2023c
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