Meet Kalada's litter of seven F5 Stud Book Traditional (SBT) kittens, born June 8, 2020. We are excited to have 3 brown-spotted and 4 snow kittens in this crew. They are a very energetic and curious group, each ready to find their forever home! 

Able - Sold

A great F5 Savannah brown (black) spotted kitten with some golden touches. He is showing great spots and already likes a good cuddle so will be a perfect pet for his new family in South Carolina.

Latest pictures taken 8.24.20.

Louie - Male BST 8.24.20a

Louie - Male BST 8.24.20c

Louie - Male BST 8.24.20b

Louie - Male BST 8.24.20d

Louie - Male BST 8.2.2020a

Louie - Male BST 8.2.2020e

Louie - Male BST 8.2.2020d

Louie - Male BST 8.2.2020c

Louie - Male BST 8.2.2020b

Louie - Male BST 7.16.20d

Louie - Male BST 7.16.20a

Louie - Male BST 7.16.20c

Louie - Male BST 7.16.20b

Louie - Male BST 7.2.20c


What a snow F5 Savannah kitten Elsa is!  She has such a cute face with gentle eyes.  She is sure to make a wonderful companion for Cheryl and Bruce.

Latest pictures taken 8.24.20.

Elsa - Female Snow 8.24.20a

Elsa - Female Snow 8.24.20d

Elsa - Female Snow 8.24.20c

Elsa - Female Snow 8.24.20b

Elsa - Female Snow 8.2.2020e

Elsa - Female Snow 8.2.2020c

Elsa - Female Snow 8.2.2020d

Elsa - Female Snow 8.2.2020a

Elsa - Female Snow 8.2.2020b

Elsa - Female Snow 7.16.20d

Elsa - Female Snow 7.16.20a

Elsa - Female Snow 7.16.20c

Elsa - Female Snow 7.16.20b

Elsa - Female Snow 7.2.20c


Looks at the markings on Zeus's Zane (ZZ for short) - spots and stripes already shining through!  He has the cutest face and is already enjoying a good snuggle.  He is heading to his forever home with Tim in Jacksonville FL and will be sure to purr up a storm and be a great companion.

Latest pictures taken 8.24.20.

Dewey - Male Snow 8.24.20c

Dewey - Male Snow 8.24.20b

Dewey - Male Snow 8.24.20a

Dewey - Male Snow 8.24.20d

Dewey - Male Snow 8.2.2020d

Dewey - Male Snow 8.2.2020c

Dewey - Male Snow 8.2.2020e

Dewey - Male Snow 8.2.2020b

Dewey - Male Snow 8.2.2020a

Dewey - Male Snow 7.16.20b

Dewey - Male Snow 7.16.20c

Dewey Male Snow 7.16.20a

Dewey - Male Snow 7.16.20d

Dewey - Male Snow 7.2.20a

Dewey - Male Snow 7.2.20b

Dewey - Male Snow 7.2.20c


Another stunning F5 brown (black) spotted kitten who will make a great Savannah pet!  Nipsey (Nip for short) is one of the bigger kittens and is already enjoying exploring and interacting with us - what a great companion he will be for Sug (from Kalada's first litter) and Amir in Washington D.C.

Latest pictures taken 8.24.20.

Nipsey - BST 8.24.20d

Nipsey - BST 8.24.20c

Nipsey - BST 8.24.20a

Nipsey - BST 8.24.20b

Nipsey - BST 8.2.2020a

Nipsey - BST 8.2.2020c

Nipsey - BST 8.2.2020e

Nipsey - BST 8.2.2020d

Nipsey - BST 8.2.2020b

Nemo - Male BST 7.16.20b

Nemo - Male BST 7.16.20d

Nemo - Male BST 7.16.20a

Nemo - Male BST 7.16.20c

Nemo - Male BST 7.2.20b


With a softer coat, darker nose, and great tips on his ear, Raja is sure to grow into a stunning Savannah.  With a curious and gentle way, we are excited to see him grow and be a great companion for Teresa in Mississippi

Latest pictures taken 8.24.20.

Raja - Snow Male 8.24.20a

Raja - Snow Male 8.24.20b

Raja - Snow Male 8.24.20c

Raja - Snow Male 8.24.20d

Raja - Snow Male 8.2.2020e

Raja - Snow Male 8.2.2020d

Raja - Snow Male 8.2.2020a

Raja - Snow Male 8.2.2020c

Raja - Snow Male 8.2.2020b

Huey - Male Snow 7.16.20c

Huey - Male Snow 7.16.20a

Huey - Male Snow 7.16.20b

Huey - Male Snow 7.16.20d

Huey - Male Snow 7.2.20a

Heuy - Male Snow 7.2.20b

Huey - Male Snow 7.2.20c


Look at the spots! Yoshi is such an energetic, spunky brown (black) spotted Savannah F5 kittens.  She is ready to take on the world in her forever home with Jackson in Black Mountain, NC.

Latest pictures taken 8.2.20.

Yoshi - Female BST 8.2.2020c

Yoshi - Female BST 8.2.2020e

Yoshi - Female BST 8.2.2020d

Yoshi - Female BST 8.2.2020b

Yoshi - Female BST 8.2.2020a

Thumper - Female BST 7.16.20a

Thumper - Female BST 7.16.20b

Thumper - Female BST 7.16.20d

Thumper - Female BST 7.16.20c

Thumper - Female BST 7.2.20b

Not available 

Already talking and exploring!  Kiwi is a snow F5 Savannah who is already cruising around exploring the world.  She is starting to show some great spots and will be sure to win your heart!

Latest pictures taken 8.2.20.

Ariel - Female Snow 8.2.2020a

Ariel - Female Snow 8.2.2020c

Ariel - Female Snow 8.2.2020d

Ariel - Female Snow 8.2.2020e

Ariel - Female Snow 8.2.2020b

Ariel - Female Snow 7.16.20c

Ariel - Female Snow 7.16.20d

Ariel - Female Snow 7.16.20b

Ariel - Female Snow 7.16.20a

Ariel - Female Snow 7.2.20a

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Elsa - Female Snow 8.24.20c