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Meet Khloe's Egyptian Mau kittens born July 21, 2023. They are doing amazing - already starting to explore their world and ready to find their forever families.


Another sweet and beautiful girl.  She has a bit darker coat with great spots.  As a cuddle bug - will be perfect one to keep your lap warm for years to come.

Sicily 9.28.2023b
Sicily 9.28.2023a
Sicily 9.12.2023c
Sicily 9.12.2023d
Sicily 9.12.2023b
Sicily 9.12.2023a
Sicily 8.14.2023c
Sicily 8.14.2023d
Sicily 8.14.2023a
Sicily 8.14.2023b
Sicily 8.1.2023c
Sicily 8.1.2023b
Sicily 8.1.2023a

Yale - Reserved

A handsome boy with a stunning coat.  He has a ever so cute face and already full of curiosity - he will be joining Arya (kitten from our Kizmet) and be a great companion for Joselyn and Kaleb in VA. !

Yale 9.28.2023b
Yale 9.28.2023a
Yale 9.12.2023b
Yale 9.12.2023c
Yale 9.12.2023d
Yale 9.12.2023a
Yale 8.14.2023b
Yale 8.14.2023c
Yale 8.14.2023d
Yale 8.14.2023a
Yale 8.1.2023c
Yale 8.1.2023a
Yale 8.1.2023b


What a sweetie she is!  Darker coat, great spots and already a bit of a talker - sure to be a great addition to your family.

Sidney 9.28.2023b
Sidney 9.28.2023a
Sidney 9.12.2023b
Sidney 9.12.2023d
Sidney 9.12.2023a
Sidney 9.12.2023c
Sidney 8.14.2023c
Sidney 8.14.2023b
Sidney 8.14.2023a
Sidney 8.14.2023d
Sidney 8.1.2023c
Sidney 8.1.2023a
Sidney 8.1.2023b

Sierra - (now Sara) Reserved

Already cruising and exploring, she is a wonderful Mau with nice markings and a very cute face.  She will add so much joy to her new family in the Florida.

Sara 9.28.2023b
Sara 9.28.2023a
Sierra 9.12.2023b
Sierra 9.12.2023a
Sierra 9.12.2023d
Sierra 9.12.2023c
Sierra 8.14.2023b
Sierra 8.14.2023c
Sierra 8.14.2023a
Sierra 8.14.2023d
Sierra 8.1.2023a
Sierra 8.1.2023b
Sierra 8.1.2023c

Chelsea - (now Cleopatra) Reserved

With a lighter coat and stunning stops, she is sure to be a wonderful Mau and perfect one for her new family in Charlotte, NC.

Chelsea 9.12.2023c
Chelsea 9.12.2023a
Chelsea 9.12.2023b
Chelsea 9.12.2023d
Chelsea 8.14.2023c
Chelsea 8.14.2023a
Chelsea 8.14.2023d
Chelsea 8.14.2023b
Chelsea 8.1.2023b
Chelsea 8.1.2023a
Chelsea 8.1.2023c
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