Meet Kalada's litter of five F5 Stud Book Traditional (SBT) kittens, born February 23, 2021. We are excited to have 3 brown-spotted and 2 snow kittens in this crew. Already cruising around and exploring, each starting to show their uniqueness - sure to be a great addition to your family

Kit Kat

What a stunner.  She is a brown (black) spotted kitten with dark grey undertone. She is showing great spots and already appearing to be a snuggle-bug...sure to be a stunning member of your family. 

Latest pictures taken 3.28.21

Kit Kat 3.28.21a

Kit Kat 3.28.21b

Kit Kat 3.28.21d

Kit Kat 3.28.21f

Kit Kat 3.28.21e

Kit Kat 3.28.21c

Kit Kat 3.20.21a

Kit Kat 3.20.21b

Kit Kat 3.20.21d

Kit Kat 3.20.21e

Kit Kat 3.20.21c

Kit Kat 3.6.21a

Kit Kat

Kit Kat 3.6.21c

Kit Kat 3.6.21b

Kit Kat 3.6.21d

Reserved - Pearl (formerly Skittles)

Beautiful female snow kitten who has amazing markings that are starting to shine!  A gentle soul she just might be... a great forever companion for Colleen and her family in South Carolina.

Latest pictures taken 3.28.21.

Skittles 3.28.21c

Skittles 3.28.21f

Skittles 3.28.21e

Skittles 3.28.21b

Skittles 3.28.21d

Skittles 3.28.21a

Skittles 3.20.21c

Skittles 3.20.21e

Skittles 3.20.21a

Skittles 3.20.21b

Skittles 3.20.21d

Skittles 3.6.21e

Skittles 3.6.21a

Skittles 3.6.21d

Skittles 3.6.21b

Skittles 3.6.21c


A character in the making - she has very dark brown spots and her personality should be just as strong.  Already talking up a storm and cruising around, she will bring great joy to your family.

Latest pictures taken 3.28.21

Snickers 3.28.21a

Snickers 3.28.21e

Snickers 3.28.21d

Snickers 3.28.21c

Snickers 3.28.21b

Snickers 3.28.21f

Snickers 3.20.21b

Snickers 3.20.21c

Snickers 3.20.21d

Snickers 3.20.21e

Snickers 3.20.21a

Snickers 3.6.21d

Snickers 3.6.21a

Snickers 3.6.21e

Snickers 3.6.21c

Snickers 3.6.21b

Reserved - Toblerone

Such an good looking snow he is with an almost snow white coat and a hint of markings (they may darken as he grows).  With his very gentle face that shows a glimmer of curiosity, he is sure to be a great companion for Amanda in Vermont.   

Latest pictures taken 3.28.21

Toblerone 3.28.21a

Toblerone 3.28.21c

Toblerone 3.28.21e

Toblerone 3.28.21d

Toblerone 3.28.21f

Toblerone 3.28.21b

Toblerone 3.20.21e

Toblerone 3.20.21c

Toblerone 3.20.21b

Toblerone 3.20.21a

Toblerone 3.20.21d

Toblerone 3.6.21e

Toblerone 3.6.21b

Toblerone 3.6.21c

Toblerone 3.6.21d

Toblerone 3.6.21a

Reserved Tika (formerly Heath)

A little lighter than his siblings but just as stunning, he is another one ready to take on the world.  He has an oh so cute face that will brighten every day for Patrick in Charlotte, N.C.

Latest pictures taken 3.28.21

Tika 3.28.21f

Tika 3.28.21a

Tika 3.28.21e

Tika 3.28.21b

Tika 3.28.21d

Tika 3.28.21c

Heath 3.20.21b

Heath 3.20.21a

Heath 3.20.21d

Heath 3.20.21c

Heath 3.20.21e

Heath 3.6.21a

Heath 3.6.21c

Heath 3.6.21e

Heath 3.6.21d

Heath 3.6.21b

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