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Meet the Egyptian Mau Queen of Kaluah Ridge

What amazing spots! Kizmet is an Egyptian Mau with great markings, inviting eyes and is super sweet. 

Kizmet 2.1.20d

Our precious Khloe who has such great spots and is a lighter Egyptian Mau.  She is a great mom to her kittens and a wonderful companion for us.

Khloe 2
Khloe 3
Khloe 1

What a character Ki is ...she is a amazing bronze Egyptian Mau and has proven to be a wonderful mom!

Ki 4.2024a
Ki 4.2024c
Ki 4.2024b

Kameo is our newest queen and she is sure to be an amazing one.  Full of energy and great spots - can't wait to see her kittens.

Kameo 5.2.2023d
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