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Meet Kiara's May crew of two fabulous Savannah F6 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens!  These kittens are an amazing pair - healthy, full of play, and ready to find their forever families!

Tally - Reserved

Oh so cute with a little "sass", she has darker markings and a very playful personality. She'll be a great cuddle bug and great companion for Brian in S.C.

Tally 10.29.2023b
Tally 10.29.2023a
Tally 10.29.2023c
Tally 9.12.2023c
Tally 9.12.2023b
Tally 9.12.2023a
Tally 8.20.2023b
Tally 8.20.2023c
Tally 8.20.2023a
Tally 8.20.2023d
Tally 8.14.2023d
Tally 8.14.2023b
Tally 8.14.2023a
Tally 8.14.2023c
Tally 7.23.2023b
Tally 7.23.2023c
Tally 7.23.2023f
Tally 7.23.2023a
Tally 7.23.2023e
Tally 7.23.2023d

Boone (previously Dega) - Reserved

Bigger than his sister and great markings - he is sure to be a stunning Savannah as he grows. His laid back personality with a bit of curiosity will be a great companion to Luca (previous Mau from us) and family in Ohio.

Boone 11.19.2023b
Boone 11.19.2023a
Boone 11.19.2023c
Boone 10.29.2023a
Boone 10.29.2023b
Boone 10.29.2023c
Dega 9.12.2023b
Dega 9.12.2023c
Dega 9.12.2023a
Dega 8.20.2023c
Dega 8.20.2023b
Dega 8.20.2023d
Dega 8.14.2023c
Dega 8.20.2023a
Dega 8.14.2023d
Dega 8.14.2023b
Dega 8.14.2023a
Dega 7.23.2023e
Dega 7.23.2023f
Dega 7.23.2023b
Dega 7.23.2023a
Dega 7.23.2023c
Dega 7.23.2023d
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