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Meet Kalada's amazing crew of snow Savannah F5 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens born on May 27, 2022.  We are so excited they are all healthy, beautiful male snows and are ready to find their forever homes!

Kansas - Reserved

Already a go getter and ready to explore.  With lighter markings on her ears and a very cute face, she is sure to be an amazing looking Savannah.  She will be joining Shari and Mandy in SC, along with Moonshine (F5 SBT from our Kalada) and Mary Jane (F4 SBT from our  Koko).

Kansas 8.5.2022b.jpg
Kansas 8.5.2022c.jpg
Kansas 8.5.2022a.jpg
Yoda 7.17.2022b.jpg
Yoda 7.17.2022c.jpg
Yoda 7.17.2022a.jpg
Kansas 7.2.2022b.jpg
Kansas 7.2.2022d.jpg
Kansas 7.2.2022e.jpg
Kansas 7.2.2022a.jpg
Kansas 7.2.2022c.jpg
Kansas 6.22.2022b.jpg
Kansas 6.22.2022a.jpg
Kansas 6.22.2022c.jpg
Kansas 6.13.22b.jpg
Kansas 6.13.22a.jpg
Kansas 6.13.22c.jpg

Boston - Retaining

We are excited to retain this one for our breeding program with the goal of producing additional stunning snow Savannahs!


Boston 8.5.2022b.jpg
Boston 8.5.2022a.jpg
Boston 8.5.2022c.jpg
Boston 7.17.2022c.jpg
Boston 7.17.2022b.jpg
Boston 7.17.2022a.jpg
Boston 7.2.2022a.jpg
Boston 7.2.2022d.jpg
Boston 7.2.2022e.jpg
Boston 7.2.2022c.jpg
Boston 7.2.2022b.jpg
Boston 6.22.2022b.jpg
Boston 6.22.2022a.jpg
Boston 6.22.2022c.jpg
Boston 6.13.22b.jpg
Boston 6.13.22c.jpg
Boston 6.13.22a.jpg

Kentucky - Retaining 

What a cutie! With his eyes open and his markings starting to develop, he is sure to be a stunning snow Savannah and  a great companion to join your family.

Kentucky 8.5.2022a.jpg
Kentucky 8.5.2022c.jpg
Kentucky 8.5.2022b.jpg
Kentucky 7.17.2022b.jpg
Kentucky 7.17.2022a.jpg
Kentucky 7.17.2022c.jpg
Kentucky 7.2.2022d.jpg
Kentucky 7.2.2022c.jpg
Kentucky 7.2.2022e.jpg
Kentucky 7.2.2022b.jpg
Kentucky 7.2.2022a.jpg
Kentucky 6.22.2022c.jpg
Kentucky 6.22.2022b.jpg
Kentucky 6.22.2022a.jpg
Kentucky 6.13.22b.jpg
Kentucky 6.13.22a.jpg
Kentucky 6.13.22c.jpg

Aspen - Reserved

A snow with darker marking starting to show.  She is a curious one and, along with a oh so cute face, will be a wonderful addition to Penny and Helen's family in North Carolina. 

Aspen 7.17.2022a.jpg
Aspen 7.17.2022c.jpg
Aspen 7.17.2022b.jpg
Aspen 7.2.2022a.jpg
Aspen 7.2.2022e.jpg
Aspen 7.2.2022c.jpg
Aspen 7.2.2022d.jpg
Aspen 7.2.2022b.jpg
Aspen 6.22.2022c.jpg
Aspen 6.22.2022b.jpg
Aspen 6.22.2022a.jpg
Austin 6.13.22a.jpg
Austin 6.13.22b.jpg
Austin 6.13.22c.jpg
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