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Meet Kanga's first litter of an amazing and fun loving Savannah F7 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kitten!  She joined the world full of energy and curiosity - ready to steal your heart and lap.

Jordan - Reserved 

She is oh so sweet one but also is starting to show a curious, fun side.  With her black on black coat she will grow into an amazing Savannah and perfect one to join Kristin's family and fellow Kaluah Ridge Cuzco!

Jordan 5.22.2024a
Jordan 5.22.2024b
Jordan 5.18.2024c
Jordan 5.18.2024a
Jordan 5.18.2024b
Jordan 4.19.2024a
Jordan 4.19.2024b
Jordan 4.19.2024c
Jordan 4.19.2024d
Jordan 3.25.2024e
Jordan 3.25.2024b
Jordan 3.25.2024d
Jordan 3.25.2024c
Jordan 3.25.2024a
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