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Meet Kalada's litter of four F5 Stud Book Traditional (SBT) kittens, born August 24, 2021. We are excited to have 1 snow and 3 brown-spotted kittens in this crew. Add a little spice to your life by adding one of them to your family

Moonshine (formerly Clove) - Reserved

What a stunning one he is with strong spots and such a cute face. He has darker markings than his siblings and is an outgoing one who will bring so much joy to Shari and Mandy in South Carolina.

Moonshine 12.21.21b
Moonshine 12.21.21c
Moonshine 12.21.21d
Moonshine 12.21.21a
Moonshine 12.15.21b
Moonshine 12.15.21c
Moonshine 12.15.21a
Myles 11.14.21d
Myles 11.14.21g
Myles 11.14.21e
Myles 11.14.21c
Myles 10.17.21f
Myles 10.17.21e
Myles 10.17.21a
Myles 10.17.21c
Myles 10.17.21d
Myles 10.17.21b
Myles 10.3.21a
Myles 10.3.21f
Myles 10.3.21e
Myles 10.3.21c
Myles 10.3.21b
Myles 10.3.21d
Clove 9.11.2021d
Clove 9.11.2021c
Clove 9.11.2021b
Clove 9.11.2021a

Cuzco (formerly Cayenne) - Reserved

What a great face and amazing spots - sure to be a stunning one!  He is talking up a storm and cruising around - keeping his mom busy. He has great spots and a golden face - a stunning companion for Kristin in Ohio !

Cayenne 10.17.21f
Cayenne 10.17.21e
Cayenne 10.17.21c
Cayenne 10.17.21b
Cayenne 10.17.21d
Cayenne 10.17.21a
Cayenne 10.3.21d
Cayenne 10.3.21c
Cayenne 10.3.21f
Cayenne 10.3.21e
Cayenne 10.3.21b
Cayenne 10.3.21a
Cayenne 9.11.2021d
Cayenne 9.11.2021c
Cayenne 9.11.2021a
Cayenne 9.11.2021b

Tokala (formerly Salty) - Reserved

As the only snow in the group, he is already shining as a very on-the-go and curious one. With his darker nose and already expressive face (look at those ears) - he will be sure the perfect addition to Cheryl and Bruce's family and best buds with Ayla (previous Kalada kitten).

Tokala 10.17.21f
Tokala 10.17.21e
Tokala 10.17.21c
Tokala 10.17.21a
Tokala 10.17.21b
Tokala 10.17.21d
Salty 10.3.21d.jpg
Salty 10.3.21f.jpg
Salty 10.3.21c.jpg
Salty 10.3.21a
Salty 10.3.21e.jpg
Salty 10.3.21b
Salty 9.11.2021a
Salty 9.11.2021c
Salty 9.11.2021d
Salty 9.11.2021b

Binx (formerly Nutmeg) - Reserved

Nutty and sweet - a great way to describe her.  As one of the more cuddly in the group and with her precious face, she will be such a great new family member and companion to Able (previous Kalada kitten) in South Carolina.

Binx 10.17.21f
Binx 10.17.21e
Binx 10.17.21b
Binx 10.17.21c
Binx 10.17.21d
Binx 10.17.21a
Binx 10.3.21f
Binx 10.3.21a
Binx 10.3.21b
Binx 10.3.21d
Binx 10.3.21c
Binx 10.3.21e
Nutmeg 9.11.2021a
Nutmeg 9.11.2021b
Nutmeg 9.11.2021d
Nutmeg 9.11.2021c
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