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Meet Kenya's first litter of two fabulous Savannah F5 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens!  These two are so amazing - full of joy and curiosity - take a look to find one just for you.

Sebastian (previously Ozark) - Reserved

A stunning melanistic boy he is - pictures don't do him justice.  Along with being a looker he has a great, outgoing personality.  Sure to be one to keep Krysta and his new family entertained for years to come.

Sebastian 2.17.2024e
Sebastian 2.17.2024a
Sebastian 2.17.2024d
Sebastian 2.17.2024c
Sebastian 2.17.2024b
Ozark 2.4.2024c
Ozark 2.4.2024b
Ozark 2.4.2024d
Ozark 2.4.2024a
Ozark Dec 2023c
Ozark 12.2023a
Ozark 12.2023b
Ozark 1.9.2024d
Ozark 1.9.2024b
Ozark 1.9.2024c
Ozark 1.9.2024a
Ozark 11.19.2023b
Ozark 11.19.2023d
Ozark 11.19.2023a
Ozark 11.19.2023e
Ozark 11.19.2023c
Ozark 10.2023c
Ozark 10.2023b
Ozark 10.2023e
Ozark 10.2023d
Ozark 10.2023a
Ozark 10.2023f

Beth (previously Emma) - Reserved 

Such a cute one with an amazing Savannah coat.  She is full of herself - loves to explore, purr and cuddle.  She will be an amazing addition to Jason and his wife's family in S.C. 

Beth 11.19.2023e
Beth 11.19.2023d
Beth 11.19.2023a
Beth 11.19.2023b
Beth 11.19.2023c
Emma 10.2023e
Emma 10.2023f
Emma 10.2023b
Emma 10.2023a
Emma 10.2023c
Emma 10.2023d
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