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Meet Khloe's Egyptian Mau kittens born December 14, 2022. They arrived ready to explore their surroundings and find their forever families!

Daniel (Brockton) - Reserved

What a gentle face, and along with his sweet personality, he will be a great addition to Jane's family in NY.

Brockton 6.17.2023b
Brockton 6.17.2023a
Brockton 6.17.2023c
Brockton 3.13.23e
Brockton 3.13.23c
Brockton 3.13.23a
Brockton 3.13.23b
Brockton 3.13.23d
Brockton 2.26.23b
Brockton 2.26.23c
Brockton 2.26.23d
Brockton 2.26.23a
Brockton 2.2.2023c
Brockton 2.2.2023a
Brockton 2.2.2023d
Brockton 2.2.2023b
Brockton 2.2.2023e
Brockton 1.16.2023c
Brockton 1.16.2023b
Brockton 1.16.2023d
Brockton 1.16.2023a
Brockton 12.28.2022a
Brockton 12.28.2022c
Brockton 12.28.2022b

Rome - Reserved 

Striking dark coat and an on-the-go personality starting to shine, he will be sure to bring so much joy to Debbie in Fl.

Rome 3.13.23e
Rome 3.13.23c
Rome 3.13.23a
Rome 3.13.23b
Rome 3.13.23d
Rome 2.26.23d
Rome 2.26.23c
Rome 2.26.23a
Rome 2.26.23b
Rome 2.2.2023e
Rome 2.2.2023c
Rome 2.2.2023b
Rome 2.2.2023d
Rome 2.2.2023a
Rome .16.2023b
Rome 1.16.2023a
Rome 1.16.2023c
Rome 1.16.2023d
Rome 12.28.2022c
Rome 12.28.2022a
Rome 12.28.2022b

Sparks - Reserved

Already talking up a storm and ready to go, this little guy is staying with us to be a future sire for our progam. 

Sparks 3.13.2023a
Sparks 3.13.23b
Sparks 3.13.23e
Sparks 3.13.23d
Sparks 3.13.23c
Sparks 2.26.23b
Sparks 2.26.23a
Sparks 2.26.23c
Sparks 2.26.23d
Sparks 2.2.2023e
Sparks 2.2.2023c
Sparks 2.2.2023a
Sparks 2.2.2023b
Sparks 2.2.2023d
Sparks 1.16.2023a
Sparks 1.16.2023d
Sparks 1.16.2023c
Sparks 1.16.2023b
Sparks 12.28.2022b
Sparks 12.28.2022c
Sparks 12.28.2022a

Mo (previously Alexandria) - reserved

With dark, distinct markings and cute dark ears, she is going to be the perfect addition to Dennis and Sarah family in Virginia. 

Mo 2.26.23d
Mo 2.26.23a
Mo 2.26.23c
Mo 2.26.23b
Mo 2.2.2023a
Mo 2.2.2023c
Mo 2.2.2023e
Mo 2.2.2023b
Mo 2.2.2023d
Mo 1.16.2023c
Mo 1.16.2023d
Mo 1.16.2023b
Mo 1.16.2023a
Alex 12.28.2022a
Alex 12.28.2022b
Alex 12.28.2022c

Chesapeake - Reserved

Such a sweet face and beautiful marking, she is sure to be a stunning Egyptian Mau and wonderful companion. She, along with Ann from Kalada's litter, will be joining the Wilson family in North Carolina

Chesapeake 2.2.2023e
Chesapeake 2.2.2023b
Chesapeake 2.2.2023a
Chesapeake 2.2.2023d
Chesapeake 2.2.2023c
Chesapeake 1.16.2023a
Chesapeake 1.16.2023b
Chesapeake 1.16.2023c
Chesapeake 1.16.2023d
Ches 12.28.2022a
Ches 12.28.2022c
Ches 12.28.2022b
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