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Two stunning boys of Kit Kat's crew are still looking for their forever home!  They are Savannah F6 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens born in May 2022 and we are highly motivated to find them a purrfect family so contact us today to bring one or both of these guys home.

Tucson - Reserved

He has a very dark, stunning coat and great facial markings.  Looking forward to seeing how he grows and starts exploring the world around him.  He is sure to bring loads of fun and joy to his new family in South Carolina. 

Tucson 2.20.23d
Tucson 2.20.23c
Tucson 2.20.23b
Tucson 2.20.23a
Tucson 12.28.22a
Tucson 12.28.22c
Tucson 12.28.22d
Tucson 12.28.22b
Tucson 11.15.2022a
Tucson 11.15.2022c
Tucson 11.15.2022b
Tucson 8.5.2022c.jpg
Tucson 8.5.2022a.jpg
Tucson 8.5.2022b.jpg
Tucson 7.17.2022c.jpg
Tucson 7.17.2022b.jpg
Tucson 7.17.2022a.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022e.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022f.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022d.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022c.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022b.jpg
Tucson 7.2.2022a.jpg
Tucson 6.13.22a.jpg
Tucson 6.13.22b.jpg

Paris - Reserved

He is another one with stunning ears. Along with his nice dark markings, his ears are darker but have a nice lighter spot in the middle.  He is sure to develop into an amazing Savannah.

Paris 11.15.2022c
Paris 11.15.2022b
Paris 11.15.2022a
Paris 8.5.2022b.jpg
Paris 8.5.2022a.jpg
Paris 8.5.2022c.jpg
Paris 7.17.2022c.jpg
Paris 7.17.2022b.jpg
Paris 7.17.2022a.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022f.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022e.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022a.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022c.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022b.jpg
Paris 7.2.2022d.jpg
Paris 6.13.22b.jpg
Paris 6.13.22c.jpg

Sonoma - Reserved

A lighter but beautiful Savannah he is.  He has more of a bronze tone to his coat right now but great dark tips on the ears. Looking forward to watching him grow into a loving companion for Karilyn and Danny in N.C.

Sonoma 8.5.2022b.jpg
Sonoma 8.5.2022c.jpg
Sonoma 8.5.2022a.jpg
Sonoma 7.17.2022b.jpg
Sonoma 7.17.2022c.jpg
Sonoma 7.17.2022a.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022f.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022e.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022c.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022b.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022d.jpg
Sonoma 7.2.2022a.jpg
Sonoma 6.13.22b.jpg
Sonoma 6.13.22a.jpg

Denver - Reserved

He is a handsome brown-spotted Savannah with a ever so cute face.  His nose is currently dark with a small pink dot - will be fun to see how he grows. He will be a great companion for Tracey in South Carolina.

Denver 11.15.2022b
Denver 11.15.2022c
Denver 11.15.2022a
Denver 8.5.2022c.jpg
Denver 8.5.2022a.jpg
Denver 8.5.2022b.jpg
Denver 7.17.2022c.jpg
Denver 7.17.2022b.jpg
Denver 7.17.2022a.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022f.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022e.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022d.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022b.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022a.jpg
Denver 7.2.2022c.jpg
Denver 6.13.22b.jpg
Denver 6.13.22a.jpb

Vienna - Reserved 

What a silver sweetie she is. She has strong markings and has a hint of bronze - will see how her coat develops! She will be heading home with Sarah and Ken to be a part of their family, along with Kai (Egyptian Mau from Kizmet's litter).

Vienna 10.2022a
Vienna 10.2022c
Vienna 10.2022b
Vienna 8.5.2022b.jpg
Vienna 8.5.2022a.jpg
Vienna 8.5.2022c.jpg
Vienna 7.17.2022c.jpg
Vienna 7.17.2022a.jpg
Vienna 7.17.2022b.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022b.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022f.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022e.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022a.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022c.jpg
Vienna 7.2.2022d.jpg
Vienna 6.13.22a.jpg
Vienna 6.13.22c.jpg

Jasper - Reserved 

He is a very striking silver Savannah. Like his sister, has a hint of bronze but with very pronounced, dark markings on his back.  

Jasper 8.5.2022b.jpg
Jasper 8.5.2022c.jpg
Jasper 8.5.2022a.jpg
Jasper 7.17.2022c.jpg
Jasper 7.17.2022a.jpg
Jasper 7.17.2022b.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022d.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022b.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022f.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022a.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022c.jpg
Jasper 7.2.2022e.jpg
Jasper 6.13.22c.jpg
Jasper 6.13.22a.jpg

Clayton - Retaining 

Amazing ears!  He has a very dark coat with strong markings and his ears all very dark which makes him a very stunning little Savannah.  Can't wait to see how his coat develops as a future stud for our program.

Clayton 8.5.2022b.jpg
Clayton 8.5.2022c.jpg
Clayton 8.5.2022a.jpg
Clayton 7.17.2022b.jpg
Clayton 7.17.2022c.jpg
Clayton 7.17.2022a.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022f.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022e.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022d.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022c.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022b.jpg
Clayton 7.2.2022a.jpg
Clayton 6.13.22b.jpg
Clayton 6.13.22a.jpg
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