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Meet the Savannah Sires of Kaluah Ridge


A stunning Savannah stud - Kola believes he is the king of the ridge. The kittens he produces have wonderful spots and grow to be great Savannahs. 

Kola Savannah Stud


Such an amazing snow boy - he has grown to have great marking and is a very sweet boy. Can't wait to see his first kittens.

Cooper 2022c.jpg
Cooper 2022b.jpg
Cooper 2022a.jpg


As one of our Kit Kat's, he has her whimsical personality and also has a great coat / markings - looking forward to seeing his firt litter of kittens.

Clayton 1.2023c
Clayton 1.2023a
Clayton 1.2023b

Kasper Too

Silver and stunning!  He is an off-spring of our queen Kit Kat and will be producing new kittens soon.

Kasper 2 12.2022a
Kasper 2 12.2022c
Kasper 2 12.2022b
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