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Meet Kizmet's litter of four amazing Egyptian Mau kittens, born May 4, 2021 - a day full of rain and thunderstorms - hence their weather themed names. They just opened their eyes and are already on the move!  

Zookie Zee (previously Misty) - reserved

What a little cutie she is with her light silver/bronze coat.  She is sure to be a snuggle-bug and a perfect new companion for Cameo in Erie, PA.

Zookie 6.20.21a
Zookie 6.20.21c
Zookie 6.20.21d
Misty 6.5.21a
Misty 6.5.21d
Misty 6.5.21c
Misty 6.5.21b
Misty 5.23.21b
Misty 5.23.21a
Misty 5.23.21c
Misty 5.14.21c
Misty 5.14.21b
Misty 5.14.21a

Loki (previously Thunder) - reserved

Unique and full of spunk!  His marble coat, along with what appears to be a go-get attitude, he will be a wonderful companion to Sam (Egyptian Mau from previous Kizmet litter) and Lisa in PA.

Loki 6.20.21c
Loki 6.20.21b
Loki 6.20.21e
Loki 6.5.21d
Loki 6.5.21b
Loki 6.5.21c
Loki 6.5.21a
Loki 5.23.21c
Loki 5.23.21a
Loki 5.23.21b
Thunder 5.14.21a
Thunder 5.14.21b
Thunder 5.14.21c

Stormy - reserved

Already cruising around, he is going to be a stunner with his dark spots and ever so cute face.  He will be joining Brandon and his family in Mocksville, NC and will bring them years of smiles and fun.

Stormy 6.20.21b
Stormy 6.20.21d
Stormy 6.20.21a
Stormy 6.5.21c
Stormy 6.5.21d
Stormy 6.5.21b
Stormy 6.5.21a
Stormy 5.23.21a
Stormy 5.23.21b
Stormy 5.23.21c
Stormy 5.14.21a
Stormy 5.14.21c
Stormy 5.14.21b

T'Challa (previously Dewdrop) - reserved

What a sweetie he is and such a beautiful coat.  He has classic markings and is already enjoying moving around and checking things out - sure to be joy for David in Erie, PA.

T'Challa 6.20.21b
T'Challa 6.20.21c
T'Challa 6.20.21a
T'Challa 6.5.21a
T'Challa 6.5.21d
T'Challa 6.5.21b
T'Challa 6.5.21c
Dewdrop 5.23.21b
Dewdrop 5.23.21c
Dewdrop 5.23.21a
Dewdrop 5.14.21c
Dewdrop 5.14.21a
Dewdrop 5.14.21b
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