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Meet Kizmet's Egyptian Mau August 2022.  We are excited to have four males and one female who are ready to find their forever families.  

Reece (previously Reno) - Reserved

With his great Mau coat and striking markings on his face, we were originally going to retain him for our breeding program.  However, he has such a wonderful, outgoing personality we decided he would make a perfect companion and is set to join Michelle and Domingo's family in NC . 

Reno 12.10.2022b
Reno 12.10.2022c
Reno 12.10.2022a
Reno 12.5.2022b
Reno 12.5.2022a
Reno 12.5.2022c
Reno 11.15.2022c
Reno 11.15.2022d
Reno 11.15.2022b
Reno 11.15.2022a
Reno 10.26.2022c
Reno 10.26.2022b
Reno 10.26.2022a
Reno 10.3.2022c
Reno 10.3.2022d
Reno 10.3.2022b
Reno 10.3.2022a
Reno 9.20.2022a
Reno 9.20.2022c
Reno 9.20.2022b
Reno 9.2.2022a
Reno 9.2.2022c
Reno 9.2.2022d
Reno 9.2.2022b
Reno 8.24.2022b
Reno 8.24.2022a
Reno 8.24.2022c

Luca (previously Mesa) - Reserved

We are excited about Mesa - not only a smoke but a smoke marble! His coat is amazing and with his oh so cute face, he is sure to grown into an amazing Egyptian Mau.  He will be a wonderful companion for his new family in Ohio!

Luca 11.15.2022b
Luca 11.15.2022a
Luca 11.15.2022d
Luca 11.15.2022c
Mesa 10.26.2022b
Mesa 10.26.2022a
Mesa 10.26.2022c
Mesa 10.3.2022c
Mesa 10.3.2022b
Mesa 10.3.2022a
Mesa 10.3.2022d
Mesa 9.20.2022c
Mesa 9.20.2022b
Mesa 9.20.2022d
Mesa 9.20.2022a
Mesa 9.2.2022a
Mesa 9.2.2022b
Mesa 9.2.2022d
Mesa 9.2.2022c
Mesa 8.24.2022a
Mesa 8.24.2022b
Mesa 8.24.2022c

Charlotte-Bastet: Reserved

Oh sweet Charlotte!  She has a beautiful silver classic coat and an ever so cute face.  She is just the perfect Mau who will be joining Ahgaddes and Deandre family in N.C. where she will bring them joy and be so loved! 

Charlotte-Bastet 12.5.2022c
Charlotte-Bastet 12.5.2022b
Charlotte-Bastet 12.5.2022a
Charlotte 10.26.2022b
Charlotte 10.26.2022c
Charlotte 10.26.2022a
Charlotte 10.3.2022c
Charlotte 10.3.2022d
Charlotte 10.3.2022b
Charlotte 10.3.2022a
Charlotte 9.20.2022c
Charlotte 9.20.2022d
Charlotte 9.20.2022b
Charlotte 9.20.2022a
Charlotte 9.2.2022a
Charlotte 9.2.2022c
Charlotte 9.2.2022d
Charlotte 9.2.2022b
Charlotte 8.24.2022a
Charlotte 8.24.2022c
Charlotte 8.24.2022b

Oliver (formerly Hogan) - Reserved

Another smoke with a very teddy-bear looking face and great dark markings.  With he curious personality already showing and stunning eyes, he has won the hearts of Laura and Andy. He will be joining their family in VA where he will be wonderful companion for their current cat Nutmeg.

Oliver 10.3.2022b
Oliver 10.3.2022a
Oliver 10.3.2022c
Oliver 10.3.2022d
Oliver 9.20.2022c
Oliver 9.20.2022a
Oliver 9.20.2022b
Oliver 9.20.2022d
Hudson 9.2.2022b
Hudson 9.2.2022d
Hudson 9.2.2022c
Hudson 9.2.2022a
Hogan 8.24.2022b
Hogan 8.24.2022c
Hogan 8.24.2022a

Merlin (formerly Fresno) - Reserved

What a stunning boy he is!  With a classic marble coat and a personality already starting to blossom, he will be a great companion for Bunnie and William in North Carolina.

Merlin 10.3.2022c
Merlin 10.3.2022d
Merlin 10.3.2022b
Merlin 10.3.2022a
Merlin 9.20.2022d
Merlin 9.20.2022b
Merlin 9.20.2022a
Merlin 9.20.2022c
Merlin 9.2.2022c
Merlin 9.2.2022b
Merlin 9.2.2022d
Merlin 9.2.2022a
Fresno 8.24.2022b
Fresno 8.24.2022a
Fresno 8.24.2022c
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