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Meet Khloe's Egyptian Mau kittens born on November 4, 2021.  We are excited to have three females and two males, all with beautiful markings. Watch them grow and find that perfect one to join your family. 

Zena (previously Spruce) - Reserved

A darker silver coat with strong markings make this one a picture perfect Mau.  She is one that will be sure to fill their heart and bring a lot of joy when she joins her new family - Janice and Gin - in Las Vegas!

Spruce 1.3.2022b
Spruce 1.3.2022c
Spruce 1.3.2022a
Spruce 12.21.21b
Spruce 12.21.21a
Spruce 12.21.21d
Spruce 12.21.21c
Spruce 12.12.21b
Spruce 12.12.21a
Spruce 11.27.21c
Spruce 11.27.21a
Spruce 11.27.21b
Spruce 11.27.21d
Spruce 11.14.21c
Spruce 11.14.21a
Spruce 11.14.21b

Maple - Reserved

Stunning bronze girl!  She has great markings on a darker coat.  Already starting to explore the world and will be a great addition to the family of Matt and Morgan in Atlanta.

Maple 1.3.2022c
Maple 1.3.2022a
Maple 1.3.2022b
Maple 12.21.21a
Maple 12.21.21c
Maple 12.21.21b
Maple 12.21.21d
Maple 12.12.21a
Maple 12.12.21b
Maple 11.27.21c
Maple 11.27.21d
Maple 11.27.21a
Maple 11.27.21b
Maple 11.14.21c
Maple 11.14.21b
Maple 11.14.21a

Zeus (formerly Cedar) - Reserved

What a looker!  He has strong, dark markings, a beautiful face, and great dark tips on his ears. With a little sparkle in his eyes, he is sure to be a great addition when he joins Janice and Gin in Las Vegas. 

Cedar 1.3.2022b
Cedar 1.3.2022c
Cedar 1.3.2022a
Cedar 12.21.21a
Cedar 12.21.21b
Cedar 12.21.21d
Cedar 12.21.21c
Cedar 12.12.21b
Cedar 12.12.21a
Cedar 11.27.21a
Cedar 11.27.21c
Cedar 11.27.21b
Cedar 11.27.21d
Cedar 11.14.21b
Cedar 11.14.21c
Cedar 11.14.21a

Cleopatra (formerly Willow) - Reserved 

What a sweet face! She has wonderful dark spots on a perfect silver coat.  With her eyes open and cruising around she is looking for her forever home where she will be such a great companion for Christina and Will in Gastonia, N.C.

Cleopatra 1.3.2022b
Cleopatra 1.3.2022a
Cleopatra 1.3.2022c
Cleopatra 12.21.21c
Cleopatra 12.21.21b
Cleopatra 12.21.21d
Cleopatra 12.21.21a
Cleopatra 12.12.21b
Cleopatra 12.12.21a
Cleopatra 11.27.21a
Cleopatra 11.27.21b
Cleopatra 11.27.21d
Cleopatra 11.27.21c
Willow 11.14.21c
Willow 11.14.21a
Willow 11.14.21b

Aspen - Reserved

One of the bigger one is the crew, he has a great silver coat.  While already exploring the world, he also seems to have a gentle soul - ready to bring warmth and companionship to Matt and Morgan in Atlanta.

Aspen 1.3.2022c
Aspen 1.3.2022a
Aspen 1.3.2022b
Aspen 12.21.21c
Aspen 12.21.21d
Aspen 12.21.21a
Aspen 12.21.21b
Aspen 12.12.21b
Aspen 12.12.21a
Aspen 11.27.21a
Aspen 11.27.21b
Aspen 11.27.21c
Aspen 11.27.21d
Aspen 11.14.21c
Aspen 11.14.21a
Aspen 11.14.21b
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