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Meet Kiara's August crew of six Savannah F6 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens!  These kittens have amazing coats and are already starting to shine...ready to find their forever family!


Look at that face!  So cute and with great, dark marking she will grow into a wonderful companion for you.

Napa 12.28.22d
Napa 12.28.22a
Napa 12.28.22c
Napa 12.28.22b
Napa 11.15.2022c
Napa 11.15.2022b
Napa 11.15.2022a
Napa 11.15.2022d
Napa 10.3.2022c
Napa 10.3.2022b
Napa 10.3.2022d
Napa 10.3.2022a
Napa 9.4.2022a
Napa 9.4.2022b
Napa 9.4.2022c

Berkeley - Reserved

What a great coat with big, darker spots and a golden face. He will be the perfect companion for years to come - lots of purrs, head bumps, and joy. He and Milan will be wonderful companions to Cameron in VA.

Berkeley 2.23b
Berkeley 2.23a
Berkeley 2.23c
Berkeley 12.28.22b
Berkeley 12.28.22d
Berkeley 12.28.22a
Berkeley 12.28.22c
Berkeley 11.15.2022d
Berkeley 11.15.2022c
Berkeley 11.15.2022b
Berkeley 11.15.2022a
Berkeley 10.3.2022b
Berkeley 10.3.2022d
Berkeley 10.3.2022c
Berkeley 10.3.2022a
Berkeley 9.4.2022a
Berkeley 9.4.2022c
Berkeley 9.4.2022b

Stella (formerly Seattle) - Reserved

What a sweetie she is!  Once her eyes were open, she was on the go - ready to join her forever family in Ohio along with her new Egyptian Mau Luca (from Kizmet's August litter)

Seattle 11.15.2022b
Seattle 11.15.2022d
Seattle 11.15.2022a
Seattle 11.15.2022c
Seattle 10.3.2022b
Seattle 10.3.2022d
Seattle 10.3.2022a
Seattle 10.3.2022c
Seattle 9.4.2022b
Seattle 9.4.2022c
Seattle 9.4.2022a

Milan - Reserved

Amazing, well-defined spots and oh what a face.  This one is sure to be a stunning Savannah as he grows. He and Berkeley will be wonderful companions to Cameron in VA. 

Milan 2.23b
Milan 2.23c
Milan 2.23a
Milan 12.28.22b
Milan 12.28.22d
Milan 12.28.22a
Milan 12.28.22c
Milan 11.15.2022b
Milan 11.15.2022d
Milan 11.15.2022a
Milan 11.15.2022c
Milan 10.3.2022b
Milan 10.3.2022d
Milan 10.3.2022c
Milan 10.3.2022a
Milan 9.4.2022c
Milan 9.4.2022b
Milan 9.4.2022a

Tulsa - reserved

A beautiful girl with a softness about her.  She is sure to bring years of warmth and cuddles to your family. She and her brother Tulsa will be joining a family in Kentucky.

Tulsa 11.15.2022c
Tulsa 11.15.2022a
Tulsa 11.15.2022b
Tulsa 11.15.2022d
Tusla 10.3.2022c
Tulsa 10.3.2022d
Tulsa 10.3.2022b
Tulsa 10.3.2022a
Tulsa 9.4.2022c
Tulsa 9.4.2022a
Tulsa 9.4.2022b

Dublin - reserved

Another stunning boy and already talking up a storm.  He is sure to melt your heart with his golden coat and great markings. He and is sister Tulsa will be joining a family in Kentucky.

Dublin 11.15.2022b
Dublin 11.15.2022c
Dublin 11.15.2022d
Dublin 11.15.2022a
Dublin 10.3.2022b
Dublin 10.3.2022a
Dublin 10.3.2022d
Dublin 10.3.2022c
Dublin 9.4.2022a
Dublin 9.4.2022b
Dublin 9.4.2022c
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