Meet Koko's Savannah F4 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens born on April 15, 2022.  This duo of one male and one female are stunning and we are excited to watch them grow!

Sunburst - Reserved

Great darker markings and already looking like he will have larger ears, he is sure to grown into a stunning Savannah.  He's starting to talk up a storm and exploring - ready to find his forever home where he will make an amazing companion for a great family in VA!

Sunburst 5.7.2022b
Sunburst 5.7.2022d
Sunburst 5.7.2022a
Sunburst 5.7.2022c
Sunburst 5.1.2022a
Sunburst 5.1.2022c
Sunburst 5.1.2022b


Although she has a lighter coat than her brother, her markings are still striking.  She is a sweet one, a little quieter and may just grow into a cuddle bug for that perfect family.

Starlight 5.7.2022a
Starlight 5.7.2022c
Starlight 5.7.2022b
Starlight 5.7.2022d
Starlight 5.1.2022c
Starlight 5.1.2022a
Starlight 5.1.2022b