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Meet Koko's Savannah F4 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens born on April 15, 2022.  This duo of one male and one female are stunning and we are excited to watch them grow!

Mary Jane (previously Starlight) - Reserved

Although she has a lighter coat than her brother, her markings are still striking.  She is a sweet one, a little quieter and may just grow into a cuddle bug for Shari and Mandy in SC.  She will also be joining Moonshine (F5 SBT from our Kalada). 

Mary Jane 7.10.2022d.jpg
Mary Jane 7.10.2022a.jpg
Mary Jane 7.10.2022c.jpg
Mary Jane 7.10.2022b.jpg
Mary Jane 6.22.2022a.jpg
Mary Jane 6.22.2022d.jpg
Mary Jane 6.22.2022c.jpg
Mary Jane 6.22.2022b.jpg
Mary Jane 6.5.2022a
Mary Jane 6.5.2022b
Mary Jane 6.5.2022c
Mary Jane 6.5.2022d
Mary Jane 6.5.2022e
Starlight 5.19.2022d
Starlight 5.19.2022c
Starlight 5.19.2022b
Starlight 5.19.2022a
Starlight 5.7.2022a
Starlight 5.7.2022c
Starlight 5.7.2022b
Starlight 5.7.2022d
Starlight 5.1.2022c
Starlight 5.1.2022a
Starlight 5.1.2022b

Jäffé (previously Sunburst) - Reserved

Great darker markings and already looking like he will have larger ears, he is sure to grown into a stunning Savannah.  He's starting to talk up a storm and exploring - ready to find his forever home where he will make an amazing companion for a great family in VA!

Jaffe 6.5.2022e
Jaffe 6.5.2022a
Jaffe 6.5.2022c
Jaffe 6.5.2022b
Jaffe 6.5.2022d
Jaffe 5.19.2022b
Jaffe 5.19.2022c
Jaffe 5.19.2022d
Jaffe 5.19.2022a
Sunburst 5.7.2022b
Sunburst 5.7.2022d
Sunburst 5.7.2022a
Sunburst 5.7.2022c
Sunburst 5.1.2022a
Sunburst 5.1.2022c
Sunburst 5.1.2022b
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