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Meet Kizmet's Egyptian Mau kittens born on March 7, 2022.  We are excited to have four males, each unique and already on the go.  

Kai (formerly Almond) - Reserved

What a stunning coat he has - a little different as she is a marble.  He is already checking things out and is sure to bring joy to his new family - Sarah and Ken in Raleigh, N.C.

Almond 6.5.2022a
Almond 6.5.2022b
Almond 5.20.2022a
Almond 5.20.2022c
Almond 5.20.2022b
Almond 5.7.2022c
Almond 5.7.2022b
Almond 5.7.2022a
Almond 4.27.2022e
Almond 4.27.2022d
Almond 4.27.2022b
Almond 4.27.2022c
Almond 4.27.2022a
Almond 4.13.2022e
Almond 4.13.2022d
Almond 4.13.2022b
Almond 4.13.2022c
Almond 4.13.2022a
Almond 3.30.2022b
Almond 3.30.2022c
Almond 3.30.2022d
Almond 3.30.2022a
Almond 3.18.2022c
Almond 3.18.2022d
Almond 3.18.2022b
Almond 3.18.2022a

Zorro (formerly Chai) - Reserved

As the other smoke in the crew, he has a darker coat but still great markings.  Already talking up a storm and searching around, ready to take on the world with his forever family - Janice and Gin In Vegas who also have Zena & Zeus (kittens from Khloe's 2021 crew).

Zorro 5.20.2022c
Zorro 5.20.2022a
Zorro 5.20.2022b
Zorro 5.7.2022c
Zorro 5.7.2022a
Zorro 5.7.2022b
Zorro 4.27.2022e
Zorro 4.27.2022a
Zorro 4.27.2022b
Zorro 4.27.2022c
Zorro 4.27.2022d
Zorro 4.13.2022e
Zorro 4.13.2022d
Zorro 4.13.2022b
Zorro 4.13.2022c
Zorro 4.13.2022a
Chai 3.30.2022c
Chai 3.30.2022a
Chai 3.30.2022b
Chai 3.30.2022d
Chai 3.18.2022b
Chai 3.18.2022d
Chai 3.18.2022c
Chai 3.18.2022a

Prince Ozu (formerly Chestnut) - Reserved

One of two smokes in the crew! His coat is slightly lighter than his brother and the spots shine through.  An early one to have his eyes open, he is cruising around exploring and will sure to be a great companion to Blaine and fellow Egyptian Mau Milo in Raleigh, N.C.  

Chestnut 5.7.2022a
Chestnut 5.7.2022b
Chestnut 5.7.2022c
Chestnut 4.27.2022e
Chestnut 4.27.2022c
Chestnut 4.27.2022a
Chestnut 4.27.2022b
Chestnut 4.27.2022d
Chestnut 4.13.2022e
Chestnut 4.13.2022c
Chestnut 4.13.2022b
Chestnut 4.13.2022d
Chestnut 4.13.2022a
Chestnut 3.30.2022b
Chestnut 3.30.2022a
Chestnut 3.30.2022d
Chestnut 3.30.2022c
Chestnut 3.18.2022d
Chestnut 3.18.2022b
Chestnut 3.18.2022c
Chestnut 3.18.2022a

Loki  (formerly Peanut) - Reserved

He is has a great coat with clear markings and an oh so cute face.  He is already showing up as a snuggle bug - liking to be held and will be sure to be a great companion for Stephanie's family!

Loki 5.7.2022c
Loki 5.7.2022b
Loki 5.7.2022a
Peanut 4.27.2022e
Peanut 4.27.2022d
Peanut 4.27.2022a
Peanut 4.27.2022c
Peanut 4.27.2022b
Peanut 4.13.2022e
Peanut 4.13.2022d
Peanut 4.13.2022c
Peanut 4.13.2022b
Peanut 4.13.2022a
Peanut 3.30.2022a
Peanut 3.30.2022d
Peanut 3.30.2022c
Peanut 3.30.2022b
Peanut 3.18.2022b
Peanut 3.18.2022a
Peanut 3.18.2022d
Peanut 3.18.2022c
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