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Meet Ki's Egyptian Mau kittens born August 16, 2023. They joined the world full of energy and curiosity. Ready to find their forever families were they will bring so much joy.


What a character - runs to you and loves to be held.  He is a beautiful bronze Mau who is sure to steal your heart. 

Macon 11.19.2023d
Macon 11.19.2023c
Macon 11.19.2023b
Macon 11.19.2023a
Macon 10.29.2023e
Macon 10.29.2023c
Macon 10.29.2023b
Macon 10.29.2023a
Macon 10.29.2023d
Macon 9.2023e
Macon 9.2023d
Macon 9.2023a
Macon 9.2023b
Macon 9.2023c


Like is his brother, he is a bronze with a great coat and personality.  He is sure to be a great addition to your family.

Nash 11.19.2023b
Nash 11.19.2023c
Nash 11.19.2023d
Nash 11.19.2023a
Nash 10.29.2023e
Nash 10.29.2023d
Nash 10.29.2023b
Nash 10.29.2023a
Nash 10.29.2023c
Nash 9.2023b
Nash 9.2023e
Nash 9.2023d
Nash 9.2023c
Nash 9.2023a
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