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Meet Kiara's special little girl born on April 7, 2022. 

Kenya (formerly Munchkin) - Reserved

Born a tiny but mighty one, she is now full of spunk and cuddles. This special girl is a human imprint Savannah F6 SBT who we bottle-fed as a supplement to the care she received as part of Kiwi's litter.  Because of this she is very comfortable with humans and is sure to create a long-lasting bond with Penny and Helen along with Aspen from Kalada's litter.

Kenya 7.23.2022b.jpg
Kenya 7.23.2022a.jpg
Munchkin 6.22.2022d.jpg
Munchkin 6.22.2022b.jpg
Munchkin 6.22.2022e.jpg
Munchkin 6.22.2022c.jpg
Munchkin 6.22.2022a.jpg
Munchkin 6.5.2022e
Munchkin 6.5.2022d
Munchkin 6.5.2022c
Munchkin 6.5.2022b
Munchkin 5.25.2022c
Munchkin 5.25.2022b
Munchkin 6.5.2022a
Munchkin 5.25.2022a
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