Meet Kizmet's litter of three stunning Egyptian Mau kittens, born March 10, 2020. They are such a bundle of joy - each unique but as cute as can be!  New pictures added on 5.16.20 - they are growing so fast! This litter of kittens already have their forever homes but we are expecting more Egyptian Mau kittens in a few months.


Oh look at this smoke girl. Onyx has a beautiful coat with great spots already shining through.  She is a gentle soul with a little bit of spunk - sure to bring joy to Whitney and Nick in Irving TX where she will be joining her brother Orion. 

Onyx Smoke Female 5.16.20a

Onyx Smoke Female 5.16.20c

Onyx Smoke Female 5.16.20b

Orion Smoke Female 5.2.20a

Orion Smoke Female 5.2.20c

Orion Smoke Female 5.2.20b

Daytona Smoke Female 4.19.20b

Daytona Smoke Female 4.19.20a

Daytona Smoke Female 4.19.20d

Daytona Smoke Female 4.19.20c

Daytona Smoke Female 4.9.20a

Daytona Smoke Female 4.9.20b

Daytona Smoke Female 4.9.20c

Daytona Smoke Female 3.15.20a

Daytona Smoke Female 3.22.20c

Daytona Smoke Female 3.22.20a

Daytona Smoke Female 3.22.20b


What a beautiful girl Ezra is!  Although still young her personality is starting to shine through.  Already exploring but also likes to sit back and watch.  What a great mix, and along with the oh so cute face, will be a perfect new companion for Max in New York.

Ezra 5.16.20a

Ezra 5.16.20d

Ezra 5.16.20c

Ezra 5.16.20b

Ezra 5.2.20a

Ezra 5.2.20c

Ezra 5.2.20b

Ezra 4.19.20a

Ezra 4.19.20b

Ezra 4.19.20c

Ezra 4.9.20a

Ezra 4.9.20b

Ezra 4.9.20c

Phoenix Lighter Female 3.23.20d

Phoenix Lighter Female 3.23.20a

Phoenix Lighter Female 3.23.20c

Phoenix Lighter Female 3.23.20b


As different as can be! Orion (Orio for short) has a very different but striking coat with darker marks.  One of the first to open his eyes and start exploring, he will be sure to make a great companion for Whitney and Nick in Irving, TX!

Orion Marble Male 5.16.20b

Orion Marble Male 5.16.20c

Orion Marble Male 5.16.20a

Orion Marble Male 5.2.20a

Orion Marble Male 5.2.20b

Orion Marble Male 5.2.20c

Orion Marble Male 4.19.20d

Orion Marble Male 4.19.20b

Orion Marble Male 4.19.20a

Vegas Marble Male 4.9.20a.jpg

Vegas Marble Male 4.9.20c

Vegas Marble Male 4.9.20b

Vegas Marble Male 3.22.20b

Vegas Marble Male 3.22.20a

Vegas Marble Male 3.22.20c

Vegas Marble Male 3.22.20d

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