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Meet the Savannah Queens of Kaluah Ridge


Amazing blue eyes! She is an F4 SBT Savannah with apricot points, a beautiful soft coat, and a sweat disposition.  

Kolada 8.2023a
Kolada 8.2023b
02 Kalada
01 Kalada


Oh so sweet - she is from one of Kalada's earlier litters and we are so glad we retained her for our breeding program.  She has a beautiful coat and great disposition along with being a wonderful mom to her kittens. 

Kiwi 12.2022
Kiwi 4.2021b
Kiwi 4.2021a


Another beautiful snow from Kalada, Kiara is a great mom and she is also a bit of a character with a bit of sweetness added in. 

Kiara 1.2023b
Kiara 1.2023a
Kiara 1.2023c

Kit Kat

A striking brown / black spotted girl with a long, lean body.  She is an awesome mom with her kittens, taking great care of them even when she has bigger litters. 

Kit Kat 2.2023c
Kit Kat 2.2023b
Kit Kat 2.2023a


Small but mighty, she is an F3 with a sassy personality but loves to care for her kittens.

Koko 1.2023b
Koko 6.2022
Koko 1.2023a


Another one of our F3 girls - she is full of goofiness and loves to carry on a conversation with you.  Can't wait to see her first litter.   

Klove 1.2023a
Klove 1.2023c
Klove 1.2023b


One of two peas in a pod, Kanyon is a bit shy but very cuddly girl. She is getting ready for her first litter and can't wait to see her kittens. 

Kanyon 1.2023b
Kanyon 1.2023c
Kanyon 1.2023a


The other pea in the pod - like her sister she is very cuddly and has a streak of curiosity in her.  She is sure to be a great mom when she has her first litter.

Knoxville 1.2023b
Knoxville 1.2023c
Knoxville 1.2023a


She is a love - so so sweet and always so excited to see you.  She is another amazing mom and we can't wait for her next litter.  

Kenya 1.2023a
Kenya 1.2023c
Kenya 1.2023b

Kuddles (retired)

Sassy, fluffy, and fabulous! She is an F3 Savannah with a longer coat and a magnificent tail. She is very sweet and loves to snuggle but isn't too fond of other cats.  

Kuddles 8.2023b
Kuddles 1.21.20e
Kuddles 8.2023a

Kodiak (retired)

Oh what a silky, black coat she has!  She is retained here as a loving pet for our family.

Kodiak 2.1.20b
Kodiak 2.1.20a
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