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Meet Kalada's dynamic duo litter born December 11, 2022! They are a beautiful pair of Savannahs with amazing markings and are ready to find their forever laps!

Arbor - Reserved

Look at that face! He not only has great markings but he has an amazing looking face with a great personality starting to shine.  He will be a great companion for Dan in San Francisco 

Arbor 4.19.2023b
Arbor 4.19.2023a
Arbor 4.19.2023c
Arbor 3.2023e
Arbor 3.2023a
Arbor 3.2023c
Arbor 3.2023d
Arbor 3.2023b
Arbor 2.23d
Arbor 2.23b
Arbor 2.23c
Arbor 2.23a
Arbor 2.2.2023c
Arbor 2.2.2023b
Arbor 2.2.2023e
Arbor 2.2.2023d
Arbor 2.2.2023a
Arbor 1.16.2023b
Arbor 1.16.2023c
Arbor 1.16.2023a
Arbor 1.16.2023d
Arbor 12.28.2022b
Arbor 12.28.2022a
Arbor 12.28.2022c

Ann - Reserved 

What a beautiful girl she is!  She has a wonderful coat and she is developing a sweet personality.  She is sure to be a great companion, along with Chesapeake from Khloe's litter, for the Wilson family in North Carolina!

Ann 2.2.2023c
Ann 2.2.2023b
Ann 2.2.2023d
Ann 2.2.2023e
Ann 2.2.2023a
Ann 1.16.2023d
Ann 1.16.2023b
Ann 1.16.2023a
Ann 1.16.2023c
Ann 12.28.2022b
Ann 12.28.2022c
Ann 12.28.2022a
© Copyright Kalauh Ridge
© Copyright Kalauh Ridge
© Copyright Kalauh Ridge
© Copyright Kalauh Ridge
© Copyright Kalauh Ridge
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