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Meet Kiwi's Savannah F6 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens born on April 6, 2022.  We are excited to have one male and two females, each with their unique coats. 


Traditional looking and an on-the-go one, she is sure to be a beautiful Savannah.  We are excited to see how her coat matures and for her to find her forever home where she will be sure to be a great companion. 

Sylvia 8.5.2022a.jpg
Sylvia 8.5.2022b.jpg
Sylvia 8.5.2022c.jpg
Sylvia 7.23.2022b.jpg
Sylvia 7.23.2022a.jpg
Sylvia 6.22.2022c.jpg
Sylvia 6.22.2022b.jpg
Sylvia 6.22.2022a.jpg
Sylvia 6.22.2022d.jpg
Sylvia 6.5.2022e
Sylvia 6.5.2022c
Sylvia 6.5.2022a
Sylvia 6.5.2022d
Sylvia 6.5.2022b
Sylvia 5.25.2022a
Sylvia 5.25.2022c
Sylvia 5.25.2022b
Sylvia 5.25.2022d
Sylvia 5.7.2022b
Sylvia 5.7.2022c
Sylvia 5.7.2022d
Sylvia 5.7.2022a
Sylvia 4.21.2022b
Sylvia 4.21.2022c
Sylvia 4.21.2022a


Although still young, it is looking like Ash is going to have a wonderful Savannah coat and a striking face. Already exploring including being ready for her first photo shoot, she is sure to grow into the perfect Savannah for your family. 

Ash 8.5.2022d.jpg
Ash 8.5.2022c.jpg
Ash 8.5.2022b.jpg
Ash 7.23.2022a.jpg
Ash 7.23.2022b.jpg
Ash 6.22.2022c.jpg
Ash 6.22.2022b.jpg
Ash 6.22.2022d.jpg
Ash 6.22.2022a.jpg
Ash 6.52022e
Ash 6.5.2022d
Ash 6.5.2022b
Ash 6.5.2022c
Ash 6.5.2022a
Ash 5.25.2022b
Ash 5.25.2022d
Ash 5.25.2022c
Ash 5.25.2022a
Ash 5.7.2022a
Ash 5.7.2022d
Ash 5.7.2022b
Ash 5.7.2022c
Ash 4.21.2022c
Ash 4.21.2022a
Ash 4.21.2022b

Boone - Reserved

With a darker coat and strong markings, this big boy is a looker.  He is moving around and already interested in exploring the world around him.  While no guarantee, he might just be a good size Savannah who will fill Myra and Hank's home with love and adventure.

Boone 6.22.2022d.jpg
Boone 6.22.2022a.jpg
Boone 6.22.2022b.jpg
Boone 6.22.2022c.jpg
Boone 6.5.2022e
Boone 6.5.2022d
Boone 6.5.2022b
Boone 6.5.2022c
Boone 6.5.2022a
Boone 5.25.2022a
Boone 5.25.2022b
Boone 5.25.2022d
Boone 5.25.2022c
Boone 5.7.2022d
Boone 5.7.2022b
Boone 5.7.2022a
Boone 5.7.2022c
Boone 4.21.2022c
Boone 4.21.2022b
Boone 4.21.2022a
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