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Meet the Egyptian Mau Sires of Kaluah Ridge

Sparta is a stunning sire who has proven to have beautiful kittens.  He is a great talker and absolutely loves his treats!

Sparta 4.2024c
Sparta 4.2024b
Sparta 4.2024a

Kein is one of our newer sires who was from one of Khloe's litters.  He is very curious and always looking to climb or get into something.

Sparks 3.13.23e
Kobe 5.2.2023e

Kobe is another newer sire to our program and is a stunning Mau.  He is from one of Kizmet's litters and is a gentle one with a very sweet personality.

Nash 2.2024c

Kash is a wonderful bronze sire with a very relaxed personality.  He is getting ready to join the breeding program and am sure he will produce wonderful kittens.

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