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Meet Khloe's Egyptian Mau kittens born May 11, 2022. With their eyes open - they are ready to start exploring the world and meet their forever families.  

Zoe (formerly Lucky) - Reserved

A traditional, silver spotted one, she has wonderful markings and is already interested in the world around her.  Knowing her mom, she is sure to have a great personality and will be a perfect companion for the Ellis family from OK!

Zoe 7.23.2022a.jpg
Zoe 7.23.2022b.jpg
Zoe 7.2.2022e.jpg
Zoe 7.2.2022d.jpg
Zoe 7.2.2022c.jpg
Zoe 7.2.2022a.jpg
Zoe 7.2.2022b.jpg
Lucky 6.22.2022b.jpg
Lucky 6.22.2022a.jpg
Lucky 6.22.2022c.jpg
Lucky 6.22.2022d.jpg
Lucky 6.5.2022d
Lucky 6.5.2022a
Lucky 6.5.2022c
Lucky 6.5.2022e
Lucky 6.5.2022b
Lucky 5.25.2022a
Lucky 5.25.2022d
Lucky 5.25.2022c
Lucky 5.25.2022b

Maui Blue (previously Sparky) - reserved 

A stunning one she is!  Along with her striking coat, her is already talking up a storm and moving around with gusto.  She is sure to bring joy to her forever family Kim and Maggie in GA!

Maui Blue 7.2.2022e.jpg
Maui Blue 7.2.2022a.jpg
Maui Blue 7.2.2022d.jpg
Maui Blue 7.2.2022c.jpg
Maui Blue 7.2.2022b.jpg
Maui Blue 6.22.2022c.jpg
Maui Blue 6.22.2022a.jpg
Maui Blue 6.22.2022b.jpg
Maui Blue 6.22.2022d.jpg
Maui Blue 6.6.2022a
Maui Blue 6.6.2022c
Maui Blue 6.6.2022e
Maui Blue 6.6.2022d
Maui Blue 6.6.2022b
Sparky 5.25.2022a
Sparky 5.25.2022b
Sparky 5.25.2022c
Sparky 5.25.2022d

Mystery - Reserved

What a face! With beautiful markings, a twinkle in her eye, and already a talker, she is sure to make a great addition to her family in N.C.

Mystery 7.23.2022a.jpg
Mystery 7.23.2022c.jpg
Mystery 7.2.2022e.jpg
Mystery 7.2.2022d.jpg
Mystery 7.2.2022c.jpg
Mystery 7.2.2022a.jpg
Mystery 7.2.2022b.jpg
Mystery 6.22.2022c.jpg
Mystery 6.22.2022a.jpg
Mystery 6.22.2022d.jpg
Mystery 6.22.2022b.jpg
Mystery 6.62022e
Mystery 6.6.2022a
Mystery 6.6.2022c
Mystery 6.62022d
Mystery 6.6.2022b
mystery 5.25.2022d
Mystery 5.25.2022b
Mystery 5.25.2022c
Mystery 5.25.2022a
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