Meet Kizmet's litter of four wonderful Egyptian Mau kittens, born October 25, 2020. They are already getting around and exploring - full of energy, curiosity and as cute as can be!  

Donner - Reserved

Wow what a stunning face!  Donner is a male smoke Egyptian Mau kitten who is already cruising around exploring the world.  His teddy bear face and sweet personality will be sure to be a great addition Salah's family in D.C.! 

Most recent pictures taken 11.27.20

Donner 11.27.20d

Donner 11.27.20a

Donner 11.27.20c

Donner 11.27.20b

Donner 11.7.20c

Donner 11.7.20a

Donner 11.7.20b

Blitzen - Reserved

Such a cutie Blitzen is!  She is a silver Egyptian Mau with great markings. and already showing signs of having a good balance of sweetness and boldness.  She will be great companion for Salah's family in D.C.

Most recent pictures taken 11.27.20

Blitzen 11.27.20b

Blitzen 11.27.20a

Blitzen 11.27.20c

Blitzen 11.27.20d

Blitzen 11.7.20b

Blitzen 11.7.20a

Blitzen 11.7.20c


Already so full of energy - moving and exploring!  Dasher is a silver/bronze (will keep an eye on his coat) Egyptian Mau with an oh-so cute face. As he cruising around, he is already talking up a storm and will bring great joy to your home. 

Most recent pictures taken 11.27.20 

Dasher 11.27.20d

Dasher 11.27.20b

Dasher 11.27.20c

Dasher 11.27.20a

Dasher 11.7.20a

Dasher 11.7.20c

Dasher 11.7.20b


What a beautiful silver Egyptian Mau Prancer is!  He has a great marking on both his face and body - along with very dark tips on his ears.  He is sure to grow into a stunning Mau and looks like he will also have his mom's affectionate personality - a great add to any family.

Most recent pictures taken 11.27.20

Prancer 11.27.20c

Prancer 11.27.20b

Prancer 11.27.20a

Prancer 11.27.20d

Prancer 11.7.20a

Prancer 11.7.20c

Prancer 11.7.20b

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