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Meet Kizmet's Egyptian Mau kittens born October 7, 2023. They are an amazing crew - each so unique in coat color and personality.  Take a look at them and find your forever Mau.

Flint - Pending

A stunning marble Mau!  He is a little more serious than his littermates but also very curious and playful  With a hint of marble, he will grow to be a wonderful Mau and forever buddy for you.

Flint 11.19.2023a
Flint 11.19.2023b
Flint 11.19.2023d
Flint 11.19.2023c
Flint 11.5.2023e
Flint 11.5.2023d
Flint 11.5.2023b
Flint 11.5.2023c
Flint 11.5.2023a

Selma - Reserved

Such a beautiful girl with an amazing marble coat.  A bit of a funny one - loves to play and also crawl all over you.  She is one that will be a great addition to Linda and Tom's family in N.C. 

Selma 11.19.2023a
Selma 11.19.2023c
Selma 11.19.2023d
Selma 11.19.2023b
Selma 11.5.2023e
Selma 11.5.2023b
Selma 11.5.2023d
Selma 11.5.2023a
Selma 11.5.2023c


A really sweet and fun one! He has a fabulous standard silver Mau coat and a cuddly personality.  He is sure to keep you entertained and warm on cold winter days. 

Brea 11.19.2023b
Brea 11.19.2023c
Brea 11.19.2023a
Brea 11.19.2023d
Brea 11.5.2023a
Brea 11.5.2023b
Brea 11.5.2023d
Brea 11.5.2023c
Brea 11.5.2023e


What a character and beautiful smoke marble Mau. He loves to chat with you and is so interested in the world around him. He is sure be an amazing companion. 

Bronx 11.19.2023a
Bronx 11.19.2023b
Bronx 11.19.2023d
Bronx 11.19.2023c
Bronx 11.5.2023a
Bronx 11.5.2023b
Bronx 11.5.2023e
Bronx 11.5.2023d
Bronx 11.5.2023c
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