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Meet Kizmet's Egyptian Mau kittens born March 11, 2023. They arrived just in time for Spring and are already bringing us so much joy. Pick the purrfect one to join your family today!

Cyprus - Reserved

How much fun is he - ready for his first photos exploring and entertaining.  He will be a wonderful companion for Silvano in MD - can't wait to see how he grows!

Cyprus 6.17.2023b
Cyprus 6.17.2023c
Cyprus 6.17.2023a
Cyprus 6.17.2023d
Cyprus 5.2.2023b
Cyprus 5.2.2023e
Cyprus 5.2.2023d
Cyprus 5.2.2023a
Cyprus 5.2.2023c
Cyprus 4.11.2023b
Cyprus 4.11.2023d
Cyprus 4.11.2023a
Cyprus 4.11.2023c
Cyprus 3.26.23a
Cyprus 3.26.23d
Cyprus 3.26.23c
Cyprus 3.26.23b

London - Reserved

What a sweetie - already curious about what is around, she has a stunning light silver coat.  She has grabbed our heart and will be a future queen for our program.

Kameo 5.2.2023c
Kameo 5.2.2023e
Kameo 5.2.2023b
Kameo 5.22023a
Kameo 5.2.2023d
London 4.11.2023c
London 4.11.2023a
London 4.11.2023b
London 4.11.2023d
London 3.26.23b
London 3.26.23c
London 3.26.23d
London 3.26.23a

Miami - Reserved

Small and mighty with a stunning dark coat.  She has a beautiful face and already loves attention!  She will be a great addition to Joselyn and Kaleb's family in VA. 

Miami 5.2.2023a
Miami 5.2.2023e
Miami 5.2.2023b
Miami 5.2.2023c
Miami 5.2.2023d
Miami 4.11.2023a
Miami 4.11.2023d
Miami 4.11.2023b
Miami 4.11.2023c
Miami 3.26.23b
Miami 3.26.23d
Miami 3.26.23a
Miami 3.26.23c

Kobe - reserved

With a dark coat and an oh so cute face, he is sure to be a beautiful one.  He will be staying here at Kaluah Ridge as a future sire.

Kobe 5.2.2023e
Kobe 5.2.2023d
Kobe 5.2.2023c
Kobe 5.2.2023b
Kobe 5.2.2023a
Kobe 4.11.2023a
Kobe 4.11.2023b
Kobe 4.11.2023d
Kobe 4.11.2023c
Kobe 3.26.23a
Kobe 3.26.23b
Kobe 3.26.23d
Kobe 3.26.23c
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