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Meet Khloe's litter of four stunning Egyptian Mau kittens! They already talking up a storm and starting to explore the world around them - ready to find their forever laps.

Cleo (previously Aspen) - Reserved

With a very light coat and clear spots, she is a beautiful Mau.  She is starting to show a sweet personality and should grow into a wonderful cuddle-bug for Karen in Fort Mill, S.C.

Cleo 6.8.2024c
Cleo 6.8.2024a
Cleo 6.8.2024b
Cleo 6.8.2024d
Aspen 5.26.2024a
Aspen 5.26.2024c
Aspen 5.26.2024d
Aspen 5.26.2024b
Aspen 5.18.2024d
Aspen 5.18.2024c
Aspen 5.18.2024a
Aspen 5.18.2024b

Buckeye - Reserved

Already a character with a great coat and an oh-so sweet face.  As he grows, he will be a great Mau and a perfect one for Sally in Nashville!

Buckeye 6.8.2024b
Buckeye 6.8.2024d
Buckeye 6.8.2024c
Buckeye 6.8.2024a
Buckeye 5.26.2024d
Buckeye 5.26.2024a
Buckeye 5.26.2024b
Buckeye 5.26.2024c
Buckeye 5.18.2024d
Buckeye 5.18.2024b
Buckeye 5.18.2024a
Buckeye 5.18.2024c


He has a very dark, striking coat with great spots and markings on his face.  Along with his sure to be great personality, he will be the perfect Mau for your family.

Dublin 6.8.2024c
Dublin 6.8.2024d
Dublin 6.8.2024b
Dublin 6.8.2024a
Dublin 5.26.2024a
Dublin 5.26.2024d
Dublin 5.26.2024b
Dublin 5.26.2024c
Dublin 5.18.2024c
Dublin 5.18.2024a
Dublin 5.18.2024b
Dublin 5.18.2024d

Raffi (previously Fresno) - Reserved

He has a lighter coat than his brothers and has a very gentle personality so far.  Looking forward to seeing how he grows and can't wait for him to join Karen's family in Fort Mill, S.C. with Cleo!

Raffi 6.8.2024b
Raffi 6.8.2024c
Raffi 6.8.2024a
Raffi 6.8.2024d
Fresno 5.26.2024d
Fresno 5.26.2024c
Fresno 5.26.2024b
Fresno 5.26.2024a
Fresno 5.18.2024d
Fresno 5.18.2024c
Fresno 5.18.2024b
Fresno 5.18.2024a
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