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Meet Kenya's litter of four amazing Savannah F5 SBT (stud-book traditional/purebred) kittens! With their eyes open, they are exploring the world and ready to find their forever families.


What a sweet one with great spots and a sweet face.  She is sure to be a beautiful Savannah and a wonderful companion.

Joliet 6.8.2024d
Joliet 6.8.2024b
Joliet 6.8.2024a
Joliet 6.8.2024c
Joliet 5.26.2024b
Joliet 5.26.2024a
Joliet 5.26.2024c
Joliet 5.26.2024d
Joliet 5.18.2024a
Joliet 5.18.2024c
Joliet 5.18.2024b
Joliet 5.18.2024d


Another stunning Savannah with striking markings on his face.  Already talking up a storm he will most definitely be a joy to have in your family.

Austin 6.8.2024b
Austin 6.8.2024c
Austin 6.8.2024d
Austin 6.8.2024a
Austin 5.26.2024a
Austin 5.26.2024d
Austin 5.26.2024b
Austin 5.26.2024c
Austin 5.18.2024b
Austin 5.18.2024a
Austin 5.18.2024d
Austin 5.18.2024c


Like his siblings, he has a great markings! With his explorer personality starting to shine, he will be the perfect Savannah for you.

Everett 6.8.2024a
Everett 6.8.20224d
Everett 6.8.2024b
Everett 6.8.2024c
Everett 5.26.2024b
Everett 5.26.2024c
Everett 5.26.2024a
Everett 5.26.2024d
Everett 5.18.2024c
Everett 5.18.2024d
Everett 5.18.2024a
Everett 5.18.2024b


She has the darkest and most amazing coat. She is already enjoying cuddles and is looking for the purrfect forever lap to call her own. 

Geneva 6.8.2024c
Geneva 6.8.2024b
Geneva 6.8.2024a
Geneva 6.8.2024d
Geneva 5.26.2024a
Geneva 5.26.2024d
Geneva 5.26.2024c
Geneva 5.26.2024b
Geneva 5.18.2024a
Geneva 5.18.2024b
Geneva 5.18.2024c
Geneva 5.18.2024d
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